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Bathing babies the right way


How to make bathing child’s play and enjoyable for parents and baby

In many families, bath time is one of the highlights of the week. All the splashing followed by moisturising, putting on the clean nappy and dressing, is a great opportunity for playing and cuddling with mummy or daddy. Even the smallest babies will really enjoy bathing if you observe a few important points.


Find the right time

Baby’s first bath doesn’t have to be at any particular age. However, as long as your baby’s navel is still healing it should not come into contact with bathing water. Daily cleaning with warm, clear water and a fresh flannel is sufficient.
Rotho Babydesign has developed a soft flannel, that dries quickly and that can be folded up very small and stored in any baby bag.
Once the baby’s navel has healed, the bathing fun can begin! To start with, it is advisable that you bathe your baby only once a week. Baby skin is very sensitive and, if bathed too often, it can dry very quickly. The ideal bathing time depends, above all, on your family’s daily routine. Regardless of whether the bath is part of the waking up or bedtime ritual, do not bathe your baby if his stomach is full and, once a time is chosen, stick to it. Your baby will get used to it and look forward to bathing fun with mummy or daddy.


Create comfortable conditions

Close all windows and doors so that there is no draught in the bathroom. A room temperature of 23 degrees Celsius is ideal; the water should be about 37 degrees. The Rotho Babydesign bathing thermometer is ideal for measuring these temperatures. Babies can even measure the temperature with this thermometer by themselves since it has a round shape and contains a safe measuring fluid. Simply hold the thermometer in the water for two minutes. Once the water has reached the right temperature, the bathing fun can begin.


Give baby the right support

Mummy or daddy need to be very attentive during bathing. However, if a few simple points are observed, bathing fun is guaranteed for all.
Use your left arm to reach down under the nape of your baby’s neck to the shoulder and clasp it slightly. With your right hand under the bottom, you can now place your baby safely in the bath. During bathing, your baby’s head rests on your lower left arm and the right hand is free to wash.

The specially developed baby bath from the StyLe! series has an ergonomic design and comfortable size. The extra soft anti-slip surface gives your baby a safe and secure hold. If you want to relieve the strain on your arms when holding and washing your baby, or if you still feel a little unsure, use the ergonomically shaped bath seat that fits in the bath perfectly and place your baby on it. Here your baby is safe and comfortable and you can concentrate fully on washing. Please hold your baby at all times. The bath seat is just to make bathing easier!
To make bathing safe and comfortable, we recommend using a bath stand. For the StyLe! baby bath, the height adjustable model from Rotho Babydesign is ideal. It can be adjusted to suit your height and enables you to have a comfortable and relaxed posture that doesn’t strain the back when bathing. Now all that remains is …. Happy bathing! 


For more information please watch our baby bath video!