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Baby Spa Whirlpool

Article Number: 20306 0001


Wellness for your Baby

Oasis of well-being

  • The Baby SPA Whirlpool is an oasis of well-being providing babies with a completely new world of relaxation.
  • The Whirlpool offers a chance to recover an is fun at the same time!
  • Here the pleasant interplay of colours ensures a very special atmosphere during your baby´s  bath.
  • Your child can enjoy the quiet and gain strength through the gentle massage produced by inflowing air. Depending on the application, the bath vitalizes and ensures a peaceful sleep.
  • The calming bubbles and gentle massage call up familiar feelings in your new-born child, thus initiating deep relaxation.
  • Bathing in the Baby SPA Whirlpool can also calm so called "colic babies" with abdominal cramps.


  • The 2x5 Soft-jets with Vario massage function ensure a pleasant feeling of Relaxation 
  • The 7 different colour effects which can merge into each other or can be selected individually ensure harmony and well-being 
  • The integrated operating panel with sensor keys allows you to select the colour and massage functions
  • Thanks to an integrated battery, the BABY SPA Whirlpool also works as a cable-free device and thus allows comfortable and safe application 
  • The convenient resting surface for newborn babies and the sitting area for toddlers are highly comfortable. Here the anti-slip coating ensures the necessary safety when bathing 
  • The integrated bath tub hose makes emptying the bath easier afterwards 
  • The internationally-compatible low volt adapter (12V) allows the device to be used worldwide 
  • Length: 83,5cm; width: 52,5cm; height: 29cm 
  • Please note: Midwifes recommend a maximal water height from 10 cm (=8 liters)
  • Robust, thick-walled and long-lasting quality 
  • Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution 
  • Label product: Made in Austria


Pleae note: use only the original Spa Bath stand of Rotho Babydesign,  item no. 20097, in combination with this product and no other support.



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