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Kiddy Wash

Article Number: 20034 0316 01
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Wash basin in a suitable height for children

Makes getting clean fun for kids

Wash basin in a suitable height for children - Playful learning - Makes getting clean fun for kids - Your child cannot only use it to wash its hands, brush its teeth and comb its hair. With its installation at a safe and child conforming height, it is also an ideal tool to support your child on its way to independence. Because children prefer to complete many daily activities independent - and this includes the personal hygiene. Therefore, your Kiddy Wash is equipped with all the comfort that a normal washing area in the bathroom offers. The child sink and its accessories are manufactured based on high-quality, robust plastics and based on the practical adjustment mechanism, it can be attached without screw connections to the edge of the adult bath tub, which means that the adult bath tub cannot be damaged. The mirror is unbreakable because it is Iaminated wilh a mirror foil. The material can be completely recycled. It is in accordance with all relevant EU standards and was tested by an independent test institute for its chemical harmlessness. The product was manufactured in Germany.


  •  Suitable for all standard bath with a tub edge width of up to 80 mm 

  • The integrated mirror with reflecting foil is indestructible

  • Water can easily be drainded off into the bath through the integrated drain plug 

  • Includes toothbrush beaker 

  • Integrated soap dish 

  • Handle to place washers or a towel 

  • Suitable up to 12 months 

  • Easy to clean: just wash out with soap water 

  • Made off high-quality, recyclable polypropylene

  • Robust and long-lasting quality 

  • Tested at chemical harmlessness through an independent and approved test institution

  • Label product: Made in Germany


Quality of Rotho Babydesign is since over 10 years a reliable parameter for parents and babies. Safety and Comfort for your baby have the highest priority.