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Mediterranean Sponge

Article Number: 20438 0099 01


Premium quality from the Mediterranean Sea

Unbelievable soft and perfect for baby care

Natural sponge from the Mediterranean Sea, Kind: Honeycomb, bleached, hypoallergenic

  • Natural sponges from the Mediterranean only grow in the cleanest seas and are 100% biodegradable.
  • Picked by hand, the sea bed is preserved, thus guaranteeing long-lasting premium quality.
  • Their ultimate strength makes Mediterranean sponges exceedingly durable.
  • They are particularly hygienic as the natural pores allow the sponges to clean themselves.
  • Dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic - perfect for baby care.
  • Pleasantly soft, easy to shape and incredibly absorbent, natural sponges are ideal for cleaning a baby's delicate skin.


  • Correct care: Simply rinse out thoroughly under clean water before and after each use. Please do not use hot or boiling water (max. 40 degrees). Then leave the sea sponge to dry well naturally - do not place it on a radiator or other sources of heat.


For your child's safety: Caution:

  • Danger of suffocation! Never leave your child unsupervised!
  • Caution: This is a care product - not a toy!