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High-quality, innovative products for satisfied babies and parents
We at the Rotho Babydesign GmbH, headquartered in the Black Forest and in Saarland, consider ourselves to be the specialist for plastic products for babies and toddlers. The quality of our products has been a reliable parameter in the market for years. This is due not only to the fact that our baby care lines are produced exclusively in Germany and Switzerland, but in particular to the high quality standards that we set for ourselves, since quality is part of our company strategy.

Focus on customers' wishes
Our business activities are driven by our customers' wants and demands: adhering to the motto “only the best for parents and child”, we strive for excellence in terms of quality and service, technology and innovation. We want to occupy market niches with new product ideas and thereby supply custom-made solutions for both babies and toddlers.

Innovation and safety
We see ourselves as a trendsetter and innovation leader. One reason amongst others, why we work permanently on new materials and production processes, and why we are always trying to develop them.
We determine consumer requirements through questionnaires and intensive market research.
By developing high-quality products with a functional design, we provide our customers with safe, innovative products distinguished by a great deal of added-value and an excellent price-performance ratio.

Success through teamwork
Good employees are the basis of our success: through team work, honesty, critical skills and trust in each other, we manage to achieve even ambitious targets. Together we create a climate, where joy of performance provides a basis for long-term success.

Responsibility to the environment
Our company develops solutions for the youngest generation. 
That is why we bear particular responsibility for the protection of the natural basis of life.
Our production processes are designed in a way that allows us to unite ecological and economical requirements.
Our consideration of the chances available to the coming generations obligates us to take care of our natural resources and to avoid putting a strain on our environment. In this way, we have succeeded, through a great deal of commitment and collaboration with specific material producers in developing products based on biological polymers consisting on up to 95% natural raw materials that are 100% biodegradable.



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