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For the sake of our children – quality is essential!

We are convinced, that the quality of a product depends on 3 essential factors:

1. high quality standard

2. consistent quality inspection
3. steady quality improvement

It is our clear aim to achieve these factors at all levels of our development and production processes and demonstrate them in our thoughts and our performance.

Therefore, we produce our care products like f.e. baby bath tubs, potties, toilet seats or step stools exclusively in Germany and Switzerland. Products that are manufactured abroad are subjected to the strict quality control and monitoring of the latest EU guide lines.

Quality characteristics

The factors that determine the quality of our products include the raw material that the plastic is made from, and of course the production techniques that can ultimately provide the optimal moulding of our products. This is how we are able to produce products with outstanding durability and stability.
The quality features of the child feeding products are ensured by dish washer and microwave safety, which are possible only by completely abstaining from using contaminated covers on articles with motifs. Thus, all feeding products are absolutely shatterproof which is rather crucial with products that are used to feed babies or that babies can use to eat independently. In the same way, all materials that are put into the mouth or that may come into contact with the skin are not only phthalate-free but are even made of jaw-appropriate and palat friendly soft materials.
Our quality products mean that babies and toddlers can grow up happy, healthy and ergonomically.


The routine inclusion of environmental perspectives in our quality-based thought process is self-evident to us. As a company that generates solutions to problems of the youngest generation, we feel especially concerned about the environment. Thus, we always take pains to harmonize ecological as well as economic factors. Our primary goal is to avoid environmental pollution by waste to the extent possible. If something might harm the environment, it will be processed until it can be recycled in an environmentally-friendly way.