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Ecological awareness for the future of our children

Environmental protection is a way of life at Rotho Babydesign.

On the one hand, our products save resources due to their reusability and their long life.

On the other hand, Rotho Babydesign attaches importance to environmentally friendly behaviour in all divisions. 


Our production processes are designed in a way, that allows us to combine ecological and economical requirements. Our consideration of the opportunities available to the coming generations obligates us to take care of our natural resources and to avoid putting a strain on our environment.
In this way, we have succeeded- through a great deal of commitment and collaboration with specific material producers- in developing products based on biological polymers, consisting of up to 95% natural raw materials that are 100% biodegradable.

Find out more about the environmental management approach of Rotho Babydesign and of the entire Rotho Group