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Children's pot TOP

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Children's pot TOP

With the revised products, we are launching the first complete Rotho Babydesign product line made from recycled plastic and are thus ushering in a new era of sustainability at Rotho Babydesign. Quality, functionality, design and sustainability are all in harmony.

The ergonomically shaped potty is ideal for getting your child out of diapers and getting them used to potty training on their own. Especially in the early stages, your little ones can be introduced to the topic in a playful way. The potty can be set up anywhere and taken with you, so that it is always quickly to hand when needed. Thanks to the recessed handle on the back, it can be easily transported and emptied. The stable base ensures a firm hold, the optimal seat height and the high backrest ensure good support and seating comfort. The potty scores points with the higher splash guard, so that nothing goes wrong. The seat is pleasantly wide and has a matte structure so that delicate children's skin does not stick. This means that your child can stay on the potty for a little longer.

- Anatomical and ergonomic shape
- Optimal seat height
- High backrest
- Double splash guard
- Matte surface structure for pleasant seating comfort
- Made from recycled & recyclable plastic

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