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Mediterranean sponge

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Rotho Babydesign natural bath sponge from the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean sponge is a purely natural product from Italy. The sponges grow on the seabed only in places where the sea water is the cleanest. Hand-picked, the seabed is protected and sustainable premium quality is guaranteed. The extreme strength of the sponges means they last a particularly long time. Due to their delicacy, the sponges are particularly suitable for cleaning sensitive baby skin.

The Mediterranean sponges are particularly hygienic because they clean themselves thanks to their natural pores: before and after each use, simply rinse under lukewarm, clear water and then allow to air dry. The sponges are dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic.

Clever solutions for parents and children – The German brand Rotho Babydesign has been developing high-quality and innovative products for over 15 years and is a reliable player in the field of baby and child care.

Product Information:

  • Particularly suitable for sensitive baby skin
  • Pleasantly soft on the skin, dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, easily moldable and extremely absorbent
  • Pure natural product from Italy, 100% biodegradable, extreme strength for long durability
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