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Playgro Plush Car, FFP, 0186362162

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Color : red

Plush vehicle Playgro

As soon as the child can sit independently, the soft plush car with lots of play and touch options is the ideal companion. The little darling can be placed in the soft car and immerse themselves in limitless fantasy journeys.

The interactive game module with steering wheel offers many colorful things to grasp, such as a horn, indicators, rattle balls and a soft side mirror, which also help the little ones to understand self-perception and reflection. When trying things out, exciting noises can be heard, such as the sound of a car starting. The game is accompanied by light effects, such as the blinking of a car.

There is also a practical net on the back of the colorful car for storing your favorite toy. This way, your favorite toy is always within reach and can be quickly tidied away. The game module can also be conveniently and easily taken along for varied fun on the go. It can be quickly attached to the stroller using Velcro fasteners and can also provide hours of fun while out and about.

Product Information:

  • Cuddly soft plush car with interactive game module
  • Suitable for children from the age of sitting independently
  • With many exciting gripping and touching options
  • Integrated mirror to promote self-awareness
  • Manufactured from high-quality and durable materials
  • Recommended age: from 6 months
Artikelnummer: 1215802100WS