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Playgro Pop Up Baby Ball Pit

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Color : Colorful

Ball Pool Pop up Playgro

From the age of 6 months, babies begin to actively perceive and explore the outside world. The sense of touch plays a crucial role in this developmental phase.

The ball pit's strong colors and bright patterns, as well as its different materials, are ideal for this. It provides versatile and educational fun while lying down and sitting.

The collapsible ball pit can be set up anywhere and filled with the 30 brightly colored balls included, which the child can sit and lie in. The 4 action stations ensure even more fun - balls can be thrown in, popped up and slid down. This promotes gross and fine motor skills as well as hand-eye coordination in a playful way. Thanks to the size of the ball pit, there is also enough space for a playmate. When the balls are no longer needed, they can be quickly stowed away in the 3 side mesh pockets.

Product Information:

  • Collapsible ball pit with 30 colorful balls
  • Easy storage of balls in 3 side mesh pockets
  • With adorable animal motifs and beach theme
  • Can be stowed away to save space
  • Big enough for 2 children
  • Easy cleaning
  • Recommended age: from 6 months
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