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Diaper pail TOP

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Diaper pail TOP

With the revised products, we are launching the first complete Rotho Babydesign product line made from recycled plastic and are thus ushering in a new era of sustainability at Rotho Babydesign. Quality, functionality, design and sustainability are all in harmony.

The practical diaper pail ensures relaxed diaper changes and should not be missing in any household with children. Whether next to the changing table or in the bathroom, the functional bucket in smart colors can be used anywhere to save space. It has a capacity of around 10 L and can therefore be used with standard household garbage bags. This means that dirty diapers are stored hygienically and cleanly and can later be easily disposed of in the garbage can. The tip lid makes it easy to open and close the diaper pail with one hand. This means you always have one hand free to stay with the child. The lid closes the bucket securely and tightly so that no odors escape. The diaper pail is not only used for diaper disposal, but can also be used as an aid when filling water or emptying the baby bathtub.

- Practical tip lid for one-handed opening and closing
- Odour-proof closure
- Comfortable carrying handle
- Capacity 11 L
- Made from recycled & recyclable plastic

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